Corporate objectives are not achieved by accident. MSP® (Managing Successful Programmes) provides the vital link between strategy and projects. Therefore it is particularly relevant for policy and strategy developers who are commissioning change in their organisations. MSP can help organizations avoid pitfalls and achieve their goals as the guidance has been drawn from a range of the most successful global business experiences (both public and private sector) and distils this to its essential elements.

Organisations embarking on transformational change can be successfully informed by MSP guidance which can be applied to every type of business and organisation aligning initiatives towards satisfying strategic objectives by realising the end benefits. It is flexible, practical and offers an effective approach to managing complex programmes with flexible boundaries.

MSP is best practice guidance on managing programmes and is part of the wider ‘Best Management Practice’ portfolio consisting of renowned sub brands including PRINCE2®, P3O®, MoP®, MoV® and P3M3®. These are part of a proprietary framework owned by AXELOS (formed by UK Cabinet Office).

MSP® Foundation

This course is accredited with PeopleCert and conforms to the syllabus for those delegates wishing to gain the MSP Foundation level certification.

The MSP guidance provides the framework to identify and model the flow between Programme outputs, capabilities, outcomes and benefits, enabling interdependencies to be monitored and managedthoroughly.

Who should attend?

Those tasked with the direction, management, support and delivery of programmes, which include:

  • Those in positions of leadership who are accountable for transformational change in their organisation such as Programme sponsors, Senior responsible owners, Directors, Executives, Senior managers
  • Programme managers, Business change managers
  • Design or Business analysts and other specialists who consult to and support a programme
  • Programme office staff.

Note: Codarra offer custom courses that provide a good understanding of the MSP guidance to senior managers without the overhead of sitting an examination.


There are no prerequisites for the course.

Course objectives

Participants are expected to demonstrate an understanding of the Principles, Governance Themes, Transformational Flow Processes, Programme Information and Roles involved in managing transformational change.

Course content

The MSP framework is based on three core concepts:

    • MSP Principles, which represent the common factors that underpin the success of any programme of transformational change
    • MSP Governance Themes, which gives organizations the best chance of delivering the planned outcomes and realizing the benefits
    • MSP Transformational Flow (steps), which provides the route through a lifecycle of a programme from strategy through to delivery of the new capability, transitioning to the desired outcomes, realizing the benefits and finally to closing the programme.

MSP Foundation Certificate

The course is delivered face-to-face over 3 days culminating with the Foundation Examination held on the third day. The Foundation Examination involves a 60 minute, closed book, multiple-choice examination.

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MSP® Practitioner Course

The purpose of the Practitioner qualification is to confirm that the practitioner is equipped, within the context of uncertainty in a programme, to successfully deliver the organisational strategy through a programme of transformational change using the flexible approach of the MSP guidance.

The Practitioner is expected to be able to demonstrate the application of the MSP guidance to a given scenario. They should be able to use the guidance appropriately to negotiate the many dynamic and contradictory drivers for change (such as innovations in technology, increased demands from customers and regulation) and the management of the flexible boundaries in a transformational programme.

Who should attend?

  • Programme managers tasked with the management and delivery of a transformational change programme
  • Business change managers, Aspiring programme managers.

Note: The Practitioner Course would also be valuable for the Senior Responsible Owner but a shorter Executive level briefing can be prepared instead for their needs.


A pass at the MSP Foundation qualification is required, which assumes Foundation level knowledge.

Course objectives

To enable participants to demonstrate their ability to adapt and apply the MSP guidance to a given set of circumstances described in a scenario.

Course content

The Practitioner course will cover the material outlined for the Foundation course but in more depth in order to satisfy the achievement of application and analysis which apply to the Practitioner level.

For example, practitioners would be expected to be able to (i) define a Programme sufficiently to arrive at a robust Programme business case within a context of uncertainty and complexity, (2) deliver step changes in capability aligned to the strategic direction of the organization and enable the release of benefits, (3) manage the programme in relation to the dynamic and contradictory business drivers through the use of intermediate blueprints.

Duration and delivery

The course is delivered face-to-face over 2 days with the Practitioner Examination being held on the second day.

Practitioner Certificate

The Practitioner Level Qualification involves a 2 hr and 30 minute, open book, objective test examination.

Materials provided - Fully Inclusive Course Fee

The course fee includes the course delivered by PeopleCert accredited trainers, an MSP manual, comprehensive course notes, group exercises, practice Foundation and Practitioner examination papers(as appropriate), examination fees and full catering. There is nothing further to pay.

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MSP® Foundation & Practitioner

MSP® Foundation


MSP® Practitioner


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