Specification Writing

Function & Performance Specification

Whereas the OCD is the capstone document in the capability development process, the Function and Performance Specification (FPS) is at the heart of the acquisition process. Codarra has developed a rigorous process for the development of the FPS to ensure that each clause in the specification is complete, unambiguous, consistent, feasible, accurate, achievable and testable. Codarra's systems engineers recognise that the FPS must provide a clear description of the system to prospective tenderers, as well as form the basis of the acquisition contract.

Codarra's approach is to leverage the work required to produce a functional model by using the model as the framework for the FPS. Each system function is examined and a corresponding clause is written that reflects the necessary performance level. This approach ensures bottom up traceability from the FPS, through the model to the OCD and top-down traceability from the OCD through the model to the FPS. As each clause is individually developed a corresponding test concept is also recorded.

The end result is a consistent FPS that clearly and unambiguously sets out the functionality required by the new system in a logical format. Codarra has produced Function and Performance Specifications for a range of complex systems.

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