Writing Operational Concepts

The Operational Concept Document

Within the Department of Defence the Operational Concept Document (OCD) is the capstone document in the capability development process. However, Codarra recognises that the document can only be useful if it is the product of a comprehensive capability definition process. Codarra's system engineers are skilled in that process and hence are able to produce a quality OCD that accurately reflects the operational requirements of the various stakeholder groups.

The Codarra Process

Codarra's four-step process aligns with the structure of the OCD and hence each step naturally produces the corresponding section of the document. The steps are:

  • Understand the context
  • Identify the stakeholders
  • Define the system boundary
  • Define the acquisition boundary
  • Capture the solution-independent requirements
  • Select a set of scenarios
  • Determine each stakeholder group's needs
  • Consolidate the stakeholder requirements
  • Describe the existing system
  • Walk the existing system through the same scenarios
  • Identify the gaps between the current system and the stakeholder requirements
  • Propose solution classes
  • Identify broad solution classes that fill the capability gap Determine the system and process aspects of each solution class
  • Develop top-level system functionality statements

Codarra has an established set of procedures and tools to support this capability development process.

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